Piolo Pascual Photos With “Alleged Boyfriend” Circulate Online


Netizens react to the photos of Piolo Pascual with alleged boyfriend

Several photos of Piolo Pascual with his “alleged boyfriend” circulated online and netizens have various reactions about the issue.

It is not the first time that Piolo’s sexual preference was questioned. However, for countless times, the Kapamilya actor slammed the allegations.

He was previously linked to Kapuso singer Mark Bautista when he decided to admit that he is bisexual.

The recent issue attacking the sexuality of the actor was the post from the Twitter account of Entertainment Uptake.

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This was stated in the caption:

“This is now viral online. It’s circulating on FB and as confirmed by our trusted source in showbiz, Piolo Pascual is now in a relationship with an American guy. Congratulations Papa P!”

An equally intriguing hashtag “be out and proud” was included in the post.

piolo pascual with his alleged boyfriend
Photo source: Entertainment Uptake Twitter

The post also included several photos of the actor with his “alleged American boyfriend”.

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Some netizens believed that the allegations about Piolo Pascual having a boyfriend are true. Here are some comments:

“If this is true I am happy for him, he deserves to be happy with someone he really loves. Truth will set you free.” – Twitter user @team_menggay

sus tagal na ngayon nyo lang nalaman kaya nga kumalas c kc conception (concepcion) di ba” – Twitter user @whally_leiyu

On the other hand, there were netizens who stressed out that it is fake news.

” What you are doing is too libelous. You can be sued of libel. Attention @[email protected]@[email protected]” – Twitter user @MahusayMagTweet

“Edited po mga pix.” – Twitter user @@keberarick

These photos of Piolo Pascual with his “alleged boyfriend” circulated also on Facebook.

Here are some FB posts.

What can you say about this?

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  1. Duh! Ano nman ngayon. May bago ba? Matagal ng issue yan. Kung sakaling totoo na nga at confirmed so what? Paki natin sa buhay nya. If it’s true then congrats for finally coming out from the dark. If it’s not yari nagpapakalat sa tsismis na toh. Sabagay, artista sya part talaga ng buhay nila na ma issue sa kung anu-anong tsismis. Buhay showbiz bow!!!


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