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LOOK: Manny Pacquiao Gave This Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers To Wife Jinkee

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Bouquet of Flowers Given by Sen. Manny Pacquiao to his Wife Jinkee

MANNY PACQUIAO – Boxer-turned-Senator Manny Pacquiao gave his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao, a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

This month is dubbed as the “love month”. On February 14, 2019, the world celebrated the Valentine’s Day and many people gave gifts to their loved ones.

Prior to it, some people including Sen. Manny Pacquiao had already made their loved ones feel so special. He gave his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao, early Valentine’s gifts – a bouquet of flowers and chocolates.

The celebrity wife is appreciative of the sweetness of her husband. She took to the social media a photo of the advance gifts and surprises she received for Valentine’s celebration.

But the pursuit of Sen. Manny Pacquiao to make his wife Jinkee feel so special and loved did not end with those chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. Recently, he gave her another bouquet of flowers.

He previously have her a bouquet of red flowers. This time, the boxing champ gave his wife a bouquet of white flowers with its edges inked with some pink colors. Here is the post of Jinkee Pacquiao on IG:

Undeniably, Sen. Pacquiao is a sweet and loving husband to his wife. He is also a great provider to his family and his excellent skills in boxing has helped him take them out of poverty.

The Senator and his wife have five children – Emmanuel Jr. or Jimuel, Michael, Mary Divine Grace, Queen Elizabeth, and Israel. Their eldest son, Jimuel, also gave his mom a bouquet of flowers.

Here are some photos of the Pacquiao family:



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