Jessica Soho Copied Korina Sanchez’s ‘Pamimigay ng Tsinelas’?

Did Jessica Soho copy the “pamimigay ng tsinelas” of Korina Sanchez?

Netizens react when Jessica Soho gave slippers to Mangyan children because Korina Sanchez has long been doing this on her show.

jessica soho korina sanchez
Photo source: Bandera

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho and Rated K are rival magazine shows from rival networks.

It is inevitable that fans would always compare them to each other. The show of Korina has a segment wherein they give slippers to children in remote areas, especially to less fortunate students.

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That is the reason why many viewers were surprised when Jessica did this kind of segment on her show.

korina sanchez
Photo source: @korina IG

The Kapuso broadcaster gave away slippers to children in Tatlong Pulo which made many people wonder why the show did that.

It is for the reason that its rival show has long been doing that kind of advocacy.

In line with this, fans of Korina Sanchez slammed Jessica Soho, based on the article published on Bandera.

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Here are some of the comments:

“Korina siguro panahon na para palitan mo na yung binibigay mong tsinelas gawin mo naman syang sapatos! SAPAAATOOOS!

“Hahaha. Talaga. Ah baka gusto nila ang advocacy ng Rated K kaya ginaya.”

On the other hand, supporters of KMJS defended Jessica through this comments.

“Wala akong makitang mali sa pagbibigay ng KMJS ng tsinelas sa mga Mangyan. kase yung tinulungan dun na nag viral dahil walang tsinelas. Kaya maging masaya na lang tayo na nakakatulong ang KMJS o ang Rated K kesa maging bitter.”

“Si Korina Sanchez lang ba ang may K magbigay ng tsinelas sa ibang tao lalo na ‘yung mga walang saplot sa paa? Mema lang!? We love Jessica Soho! she’s number one!”

Here is the KMJS episode.

What can you say about this?

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