Coco Martin, Yassi Pressman’s Photo & Video In Japan Catch Attention


Photos & Video of Coco Martin, Yassi Pressman in Japan

COCO MARTIN – The netizens were hooked by the photo and video of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano stars Coco Martin and Yassi Pressman in Japan.

The longest-running Pinoy television series now is ABS-CBN’s FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano top-billed by Coco Martin. Actress Yassi Pressman is her leading-lady in the action drama TV series.

Undeniably, Coco is now faced with a lot of issues. There are rumors that he is now a father to a baby with actress Julia Montes. She has also been her leading lady before and is linked to him.

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The Kapamilya actor stayed mum for quite a while until a social media post of him, which is seemingly his explanation on why he does not react to the issues, crossed the surface.

According to him, his decision not to react to the issues that will not be for the progress of the country is not a sign of being a coward. Addressed to unnamed person, he also stressed that he does not need his or her hurtful opinions.

Coco Martin, Yassi Pressman
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Amid the issues, Coco Martin and Yassi Pressman’s fans and supporters are glad that the relationship between the two celebrities is okay. They recently flew to Japan in line with the FPJAP.

On Instagram, sweet photo and video of Coco Martin and Yassi Pressman crossed the surface. In the photo, it could be seen that the actor is sweetly helping the actress fix her things.

Here is the photo posted on @cocomartin_ph:

Aside from the sweet photo, a video showing Coco with his arms around Yassi while they are having a picture taking and the actor taking photos of the actress brought “kilig” to the CocoYass supporters:

Here are some of the “kilig” comments on the photo and video of Coco Martin and Yassi Pressman in Japan:

@yourcygirl: “you don’t know how much this vid means to me, aah”

@anihgartiam: “Coco bagay na bagay kyu ni yassi super bgay kyu dlwa [bagay kayong dalawa]”

@marizebengson: “ang saya saya nu dyn [diyan] ang saya saya din namaing cocoyass family…more more pa…”

On the other side, there are also those who believe that Coco and Yassi are just friends.

@ieeneei: “If they really are… After the pic nakaakbay pa yan… But they’re not…. You guys making illusions… Bwahahaha…”

@pereambella: “Yung mga kilos nila is just a friendly touch..walang malisya..u can see’s just normal,no string attached..”


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