Gretchen Fullido Case Against ABS-CBN Execs Has Basis-QC Prosecutor


Case filed by Gretchen Fullido against ABS-CBN executives has a basis, according to QC Prosecutor

Quezon City Prosecutor Rosalinda Sajot stated that the case filed by Gretchen Fullido against ABS-CBN Executives Cheryl Favila at Maricar Asprec has legal basis.

It can be recalled that the Kapamilya Star Patroller, accused her former bosses of harassing her through their messages and actions with sexual innuendos.

The camp of the accused denied the complaint from Gretchen. Both camps showed their reasoning power regarding this issue.

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They fired statements against each other.

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On the other hand, a recent statement from Quezon City Metropolitan Trial Court stated that Gretchen’s complaint has a basis.

Based on the report from PEP, here is the statement from the QC Prosecutor regarding the case filed by the reporter against the TV executives.

“The undersigned accuses CHERYL C. FAVILA and MARICAR P. ASPREC, of the crime of Sexual Harassment under Republic Act 7877, committed as follows:

“That from the year 2015 up to the year 2017, in Quezon City, Philippines, the above-named accused, conspiring and confederating with and mutually helping each other, did then and there willfully, unlawfully and feloniously demand, request or otherwise require sexual favor from GRETCHEN MARIE G. FULLIDO, in the following manner, to wit: accused CHERYL C. FAVILA AND MARICAR ASPREC, being the head of Ecosystem Integrated News and Current Department and Segment Producer, respectively, of ABS-CBN Corporation, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center, Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, corner Mother Ignacia Street, this City, and thus exercise authority, influence, or moral ascendancy over said GRETCHEN MARIE G. FULLIDO, required, requested or demanded sexual favour from the latter, by then and there demanding that she be extra nice to (“lambingin”) and be the ‘Thursday Girl’ of accused CHERYL C. FAVILA, and sending her text messages filled with sexual undertones, which sexual advances when rejected, complainant experienced a hostile working environment, to the damage of the said offended party.”

Presiding Judge Rebecca Guillen-Ubana will handle this case, based on the report.

With this, Gretchen Fullido formally filed Republic Act 7877 o Anti-Sexual Harassment Act case against Cheryl Favila at Maricar Asprec.

This happened after 8 months since the controversy made public.

What can you say about this?

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