Joao Constancia Responds to BoybandPH’s Alleged Disbandment


Joao Constancia recently responded to rumors regarding BoybandPH’s alleged disbandment. He revealed that BoybandPH is going on a temporary break.

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Wala naman. Those rumors, they’re not true. For now, we’re just I guess given the opportunity by the management to go solo muna. And explore ourselves which career paths we would take,” Joao said.

When asked if fans can expect new music from the band, he said that he will be focusing more on his acting career.

Music career? To be honest, right now I want to focus more on my acting career because this is where I want to go. This is where I see myself in the future. So dito muna ako mag-fo-focus,” he added.

Meanwhile, Constancia shared his excitement as he was one of the characters in the upcoming iWant series, “He’s Into Her”. Aside from “He’s Into Her’, he also revealed that the will be part of an upcoming movie.

I am super super excited and blessed. It’s been a while since my last acting project. And I’m actually excited and re-pumped to start working on this,” Constancia said. “Other than He’s Into Her, I’m also doing another movie with a couple of big stars. It’s a small role but I’m starting somewhere with my first ever movie.

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