Rocco Nacino Admits Not Ready To Work With Lovi Poe


Rocco Nacino quickly responded Wednesday when asked if he’s ready to work with Lovi Poe, who was his ex-girlfriend, in a project.

Rocco Nacino not ready to work with Lovi Poe | Photo from Gorgy Rula

Not for now. Maybe in time siguro, but definitely not now,” Rocco said in an interview during the photoshoot of “Write About Love” at TBA Studios. “Write About Love” was one of the movie entries in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

Hindi pa kami nakakapag-usap. I don’t know kung closure talaga,” he added. “Pero so far, hindi pa rin ako nakikipag-usap, e.

Rocco also said that the film “Write About Love” talks about different forms of love. He added that millennials can relate to the storyline of the said film as it entails the pain that you may experience when you love someone, even himself can relate with the film.

Tulad ng sinabi dito sa movie namin sa Write About Love, you have to experience pain before you experience joy,” he said. “This is experiencing different kinds of love and going through different pains that scriptwriters have to feel or experience to write something so beautiful.

“Write About Love” will also starring Miles Ocampo, Joem Bascon, and Yeng Constantino.

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