Remember Palikpik (Sheena Ramos) of ‘Sineskwela’? Here’s her Life Now


Here is the life now of Sheena Ramos, known as Palikpik in ‘Sineskwela’

Sheena Ramos, known as Palikpik in the 90s science educational show Sineskwela, is living this kind of life now.

She was one of the main cast of the show together with Winnie Cordero (Ate Winnie), Roobak Calle (Ugat-Puno), Icko Gonzales (Kuya Bok), Maan Munsayac (Kulitsap), Christine Bersola-Babao (Anatom), and Brenan Espartinez (Agatom).

Palikpik Sheena Ramos
Photo courtesy of Virtual Pinoy

The character of Sheena in the show, Palikpik, literally means “gills”. Her forte was exploring the ocean and other bodies of water. Through that show, kids were able to understand things about science in an entertaining way. Some of the stars in the show are still in the entertainment industry while some ventured into different jobs, such as Sheena Ramos.

What happened to Palikpik after her showbiz stint?

sheena ramos
Photo courtesy of @sheenalogy IG

Based on the article from, Sheena worked as a Digital Marketing Strategist for TV5. However, she moved Publicis which is an advertising and marketing company. Apparently, the former child star is more inclined in this kind of field.

When you visit her social media accounts, it spills out that Sheena did not leave the entertainment industry totally. It can be seen on her Instagram feed that she has been acting in theater for quite a while now.

Basing on her Instagram posts also, it appeared that Sheena is also doing some modeling stints. One of her photos was tagged to Shaira Luna who is known as one of the genius kids when she was younger and now a photographer.

Aside from these, Sheena Ramos is also sharing photos of her travels abroad on her Instagram account.

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