JC Santos Admits Having Difficulty In Lam-Ang


JC Santos admitted that it’s not easy for him to play the lead role in an ethno-epic musical Lam-Ang as this musical tested his acting skills as an actor.

Instagram photo from JC Santos

Grabe, ito ang pinaka mahirap na play na nagawa ko sa buong buhay ko,” JC Santos said. “Kasi kailangan triple threat ka e, kailangan sing, dance, and act. So medyo mahirap kasi kailangan fit and athletic ka, ito nga o may sugat ako, natamaan ako ng weapon kasi totoo ang weapon na ginagamit namin and totoo ang mga fight scenes.


Aside from his stage musical, he was also one of the stars in Miracle In Cell No. 7 and Sunod, official entries in the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival.

Nakaka overwhelm, super blessing talaga this year. Medyo nakakapagod lang kasi hindi ko alam kung kailan ako magpo-promote. Kailangan ko lang talaga i-balance,” he said . “But I’m honored kasi MMFF ‘to e, kasama ako sa festival at malaking malaking bagay ito para sa akin and para sa lahat ng mga tao na nagtitiwala sa akin.

At present, he was busy promoting his films Miracle In Cell No. 7 and Sunod as the Metro Manila Film Festival will officially start on December 25.

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