Bianca Lapus Defends Vhong Navarro Amid Charges

Bianca Lapus Defend Ex-husband Vhong Navarro amid New Legal Row from Deniece Cornejo

Bianca Lapus stood up for her ex-husband Vhong Navarro regarding the charges against him by model Deniece Cornejo in 2014.

The actress defended his former husband and the father of his two sons, ‘It’s Showtime’ host Vhong Navarro. From Bianca’s Twitter account, she posted a statement including photos of her with Navarro and their son, Isaiah. She also described Vhong as a “goodman”.

The tweet also included a photo statement with a quote saying ” When you destroy someone’s life with lies, take it as loan, it will come back to you with interest,” Bianca said.

According to the report of, Vhong is currently involved in a legal dispute once more as the Court of Appeals (CA) ordered the filing of charges against him. Overturning the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) decisions to dismiss Cornejo’s complaints in 2018 and 2020. Cornejo’s complaints were junked on the ground on 2018 because her allegations did not have enough proof.

Bianca Lapus
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The initial report said that last Tuesday, Navarro’s team said that the actor-host would petition the CA to rethink its choice and re-consider its decision. Attorney Alma Mallonga, Vhong’s legal counsel, further emphasized the ongoing nature of the significant illegal detention case Navarro had brought against Cornejos’s friends.

Recall that Deniece Cornejo, a model, accused Navarro in 2014, then, Navarro filed a lawsuit against Cornejo and her “rescuers,” including businessman Cedric Lee, alleging a setup.

Bianca Lapus
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Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo attempted to extort up to P2 million from Vhong Navarro, they made him sign in a police blotter. Vhong charged them with mutilating and extorting him and locked them in jail for almost six (6)months.

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