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Bing Loyzaga Talks About Network Rivalry Between Kapamilya & Kapuso

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Bing Loyzaga shares her point of view regarding the rivalry between Kapuso and Kapamilya networks.

Former Kapamilya actress Bing Loyzaga who is now a Kapuso, talks about the rivalry between two of the biggest TV networks in the Philippines.

Through her new show, ‘Kapag Nahati Ang Puso’, Bing comes back to GMA after several years of working in ABS-CBN.

When she was asked about the rivalry between the Kapamilya and Kapuso networks, the veteran actress revealed her views, based on the article published in PEP.

Bing Loyzaga
(Photo source: GMA)

She said that she is not affected with the issue.

“Nasa sa kanila yun if they want to have rivalries or what,” Bing Loyzaga said.

For her, the said rivalry is not a problem.

“Pero with me, hey, this is just me so I’ll just be me and whether there’s rivalry or not, that’s your problem not mine. Hahaha!” the actress added.

She also said she does not mind how big or small her talent fee is in a project.

Bing stressed out that she will be where she feels happy and the talent fee is not the main factor.

What attracts her to accept a role is the project itself.

“If you know that you will improve yourself with the projects, you can give something to the project, the role is challenging, you’ll be working with other people, why not, di ba?” she shared.

The whole package is more important to her.

Bing Loyzaga also talked about the difference between being a Kapamilya before and a Kapuso now.

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She said that the difference is herself because the people she used to worked with are still in GMA and they are still very welcoming.

The only difference she can point out is the roles she did for the two networks.

In the Kapamilya network, her roles are more of protagonist while in Kapuso her kontrabida acting is showcased, based on the article.


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