IN PHOTOS: Celebrity Accidents That Shocked The Showbiz Industry

Here are some stories of celebrity accidents in the Philippine showbiz industry that brought shock to the world of entertainment in the country.

What celebrity accidents that really shocked you?

The world of showbiz was recently shocked upon news about the boating accident of Ehra Madrigal and Bianca Manalo in Antique surfaced on entertainment news sites.

Celebrity Accidents

Throughout the history of the industry in the country, there are already a lot of celebrity accidents that are recorded and well-remembered by many.

Here are some accidents in showbiz that brought shock to show business, based on the article recently published in GMA Entertainment.

Eddie Gutierrez

The former matinee idol had a car accident in 1978 and suffered from a broken nose and his intestine raptured. He also underwent colostomy procedure.

Robin Padilla

While shooting for his film in 1992, the Bad Boy of the Philippine Cinema had an accident that started a change in his life. He suffered from a severe burn when an explosive went awry.

Vandolph Quizon

On November 19, 2001, the son of Comedy King Dolphy with Alma Moreno almost tasted death when he was involved in a car accident.

Toni Gonzaga

While shooting for a commercial in May 2007, the TV host’s face hit the bottom of the pool when she dove. That injured her mouth and caused her upper lip to tear and bleed.

Richard Gutierrez

The son of Eddie Gutierrez also had a car accident in May 2009 when he was just 25 years old. He and his bodyguard only suffered from minor injuries but his assistant died.

Derek Ramsay

The hunk actor from TV 5 injured his arm due to Frisbee back in November 2011.

Lance Raymundo

Back in March 2014, the singer/actor suffered from a freak accident. An 80-lbs barbell fell on his face and he underwent reconstructive surgery to fix the damage.

Franco Hernandez

Last year, the Hashtags member died due to drowning accident but a month after the incident, his girlfriend revealed what really happened, based on the article.

(Photos: GMA Entertainment)

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