Christopher De Leon’s Condition Now After Mishap On ‘Kambal, Karibal’ Set


Sandy Andolong, the wife of Christopher de Leon, revealed the real health condition of her husband now after mishap on ‘Kambal, Karibal’ set.

The world of social media recently was alarmed by reports regarding the health condition of veteran Kapuso actor Christopher de Leon.

While he was shooting for his soap opera ‘Kambal, Karibal’ a month ago, he had a mishap on the set.

Christopher de Leon

The news about it went overboard and a lot of speculations about his situation were released online.

What happened was when a blank bullet grazed the leg of the veteran actor during a scene, it wounded him.

Boyet, along with the staff, did not paid attention to the wound but unfortunately it led to painful complications, based on the article published in Inquirer.

That eventually led him to the hospital for treatment. Upon knowing what had happen to him, some netizens feared that the situation will get worse and that his bruise got infected. And so prayers were asked on social media.

Christopher de Leon’s wife, actress Sandy Andolong denied the troubling rumors about her husband’s health condition.

“He’s OK. He’s home resting, and he’s ready to go back to work this week (Wednesday),” Sandy said to the source last Monday.

Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong

She added that Boyet was just confined in the hospital for only two and a half days and that the test results are all normal.

Sandy admitted that it is overwhelming on their part to feel the support from other people however, she detests the exaggeration from other reports.

Based on the article, the GMA Entertainment Content Group echoed this statement from the wife of Christopher de Leon, saying that “All medical results are good … We are looking forward to his quick recovery.”

Christopher plays the character of Emmanuel ‘Manuel’ De Villa in ‘Kambal, Karibal’ which features young stars such as Miguel Tanfelix, Bianca Umali, Pauline Mendoza and Kyline Alcantara as the lead characters.


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