Columnist To Kris Aquino’s Recent Injury: “Kahit Ano Nagagawa Niyang Malaking Isyu”

Columnist Cristy Fermin reacted to the recent Instagram post of Kris Aquino about her injury, “kahit ano nagagawa niyang malaking isyu”.

A columnist slammed the recent Instagram post of Queen of all Media Kris Aquino about her injury after she fell down the stairs.

Kris showed a photo of her swollen and bruised knee on Instagram along with her photo while her son Bimby kissing her forehead.

With this, entertainment columnist of Bandera, Cristy Fermin, wrote her opinion about it in her article.

Columnist reacted to Kris Aquino
(Photo source: LionhearTV)

According to Fermin, her professor friend laughed about the said post of the social media influencer.

In the article, the columnist said that they are already used to Kris’ tactless way of posting on social media but for them it is too much that even her small injury was updated on her IG account.

Allegedly the former presidential daughter made her fall a national issue when she shared it online.

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The columnist added that it seems that there is no one reprimanding Kris about her posts. There is also no one telling her what is right and wrong because if there is then she wouldn’t ranted on social media about her conflict with James Yap.

If only there is someone giving her advice then she would not involve other people to her conflict with her ex-husband, just like what she did to Korina Sanchez, according to Fermin.

And with that, the whole country now knows what Bimby feels about his father.

With the absence of someone to be her adviser, Fermin said that Kris got more bashing because of her posts.

On the other hand, if there is someone advising Kris, the entertainment reporter said that perhaps she is not listening or following the advice to her.

Regarding the recent post of the Queen of all Media about her injury, Fermin said that it is really who Kris is.

“Kahit ano lang ay nagagawa niyang malaking isyu!” the columnist said in her article.

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