Dani Barretto Breaks Silence On Rumored Pregnancy w/ Husband Xavi Panlilio

Dani Barretto Speaks on Rumored Pregnancy w/ Xavi Panlilio

Dani Barretto broke her silence on her rumored pregnancy with her now-husband Xavi Panlilio.

One of the prominent personalities in the Philippine showbiz industry is Dani Barretto. She is the daughter former actress Marjorie Barretto with actor Kier Legaspi.

Dani recently tied the knot with Xavi Panlilio, a non-showbiz businessman. Their wedding ceremony was held at Santuario de San Antonio Parish in Makati City on April 23, 2019.


Dani Barretto and Xavi Panlilio got engaged in February 2019. Undeniably, many were surprised by the fast wedding preparations but most are happy that they were really able to pull it off despite the limited time.

However, amid the wedding moments of Dani and Xavi, rumors that the former is pregnant crossed the surface.


Recently, through a comment on social media, Dani Barretto broke her silence on her rumored pregnancy with her now husband, Xavi Panlilio. It started with the newly released vlog of the celebrity daughter.

Dani and Xavi are set to travel together to Osaka, Japan for their honeymoon. In her vlog, the celebrity daughter shared that her mom actually do not allow them to travel with their partners unless they are married.


The revelation of Dani Barretto was featured by Cosmo and the article was posted on the Facebook page Female Network. It gathered criticisms from some netizens.

One of the netizens commented that Dani is already pregnant when she was not yet married. Another netizen commented that Marjorie does not want her children to be like her.


Through a comment on the post, Dani Barretto broke her silence to her rumored pregnancy with Xavi Panlilio. In her comment, she stressed that she has never spoken about the issue denying or confirming it.

Dani also stated that it is not anyone’s story to tell but her and her husband’s. She stressed that the people are becoming so opinionated and the issue is not their business.

According to Dani, it is her choice which to share online and which to keep in private.

Dani Barretto Comment
Screengrabbed from Facebook/Female Network

Despite the ongoing issue surrounding her rumored pregnancy, Dani Barretto and Xavi Panlilio are visibly very happy right now. In her vlog, they have also stressed that they don’t care about the bashers.

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