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To Whom Is Dina Bonnevie Referring To In Her Intriguing Statement?

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Dina Bonnevie Expresses Annoyance About Unnamed Newbies in Showbiz

DINA BONNEVIE – Kapamilya actress Dina Bonnevie expressed an intriguing statement about some new actors and actresses in show business.

One of the actresses who has managed to remain in the spotlight until now is Dina Bonnevie, the mother of Danica Sotto-Pingris and Oyo Boy Sotto. She is the ex-wife of Kapuso actor Vic Sotto.

Dina is part of the newest television series in the Kapamilya network. She is working with Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee, and Ejay Falcon in the said TV series.

Dina Bonnevie
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Actors Jestoni Alarcon, Dante Rivero, Cherry Pie Picache, Ogie Diaz, Pilar Pilapil, and Tessie Tomas are also part of the Kapamilya TV series that replaced the slot of Wildflower.

Based on a recent report in Pep, during the press conference of the newest Kapamilya TV series, Dina Bonnevie expressed an intriguing statement. However, she did not name whom she is referring to.

According to the actress, there are new actors and actresses who have “a very different attitude” compared to their time.

Based on the report, Dina Bonnevie expressed that there are newbies who only think about rehearsing their lines during the time for the blocking.

According to the actress, for her, it is “annoying” and offensive. She stressed that memorizing the script should have been done when the actors are still in the dressing room.

Meanwhile, during the press conference, the award-winning actress expressed that she also gives advice to new actors and actress and she always stresses the five G’s – give, growth, good person, giving thanks to God, and glory to God.

“One, you have to give. And when I say give, give respect, give your best when you act. And when you’re doing a scene, you give,” she said.

In the second ‘G’, Dina Bonnevie expressed that there is no more growth the moment an actor finds himself very good with what he has done for one scene. She advises new actors and actresses to continue challenging themselves.

In the third G which is “good person”, the actress refers to being kind to co-workers like in using the things that the others also use based on the report.

Dina Bonnevie stresses the reason behind every blessing and returning the glory to God in the fourth and fifth G’s that she advises to showbiz newbies.


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