Dina Bonnevie Scolded Daughter Danica Sotto Due To This Reason

Dina Bonnevie shared the reason why she scolded her daughter Danica Sotto-Pingris as a wife and a mother.

Veteran actress Dina Bonnevie is known to be a straightforward person and she is not afraid to scold those who have attitude problems.

One instance to this is the incident she recalled just recently when she reprimanded a young actress for being late and bossy on their set, based on a previous article.

Dina Bonnevie and Danica Sotto-Pingris

Even her daughter Danica Sotto-Pingris has received her fiery words for what she did.

Based on the article published in Bandera, Dina cited one incident when Danica’s child was crying; the latter just called out to her husband to attend their crying baby.

“Nun’ng first few years ng kasal nila, I visit them or I travel with them. Tapos, umiiyak minsan ang bata (anak). Sasabihin ni Danica, ‘Marc! Marc!’ Talagang sinabihan ko siya, ‘Anong Marc? Asikasuhin mo ang anak mo!” the veteran actress said to her daughter.

Not only that, Dina also said that she will tell Marc Pingris to leave her is she will not take care of their child.

Dina Bonnevie
(file photo)

Danica was also scolded for being messy, according to Ms. D.

“Si Marc kasi masinop sa gamit, eh. Doon sila pareho ni Oyo (Sotto). Eh si Danica, nu’ng umpisa, kalatera! ‘Naku, Danica, hindi ka anak ni Dina Bonnevie kung makalat ka.’ Because I’m so nitpicky with neatness. Hindi puwedeng madumi, makalat, maputik! Ayoko ng ganyan!” the actress said.

In order to put an end to this, Ms. D taught Danica how to organize which the latter commented with, “Ma, nahihilo ako. Para kang librarian!”

Dina Bonnevie also revealed that her bonding moment with Danica and Marc is cooking because the three of them love cooking and they really know how to cook.

“Marc loves to cook at si Danica rin. Sabi ko nga, bakit hindi nila kami kinukuha sa commercial eh, magaling kaming magluto!” Dina Bonnevie said based on the article.

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