WATCH: Ellen Adarna Slams Basher/Paparazzi By Reciprocating What Was Done To Her

This is how controversial actress Ellen Adarna responded to a basher/paparazzi who she caught capturing a video of her in a restaurant.

Ellen Adarna slammed a paparazzi/basher who took a video of her in a restaurant without her permission.

Ellen Adarna

The controversial actress took to Instagram her fiery response to a woman who she tagged as a paparazzi and a basher as well.

Ellen said that she just did to the woman what the woman did to her. She also took a video of her.

According to the statement of Ellen in her Instagram story, the said paparazzi sort of pretending she was taking a photo of the food.

However, the controversial actress noticed that it was her who is being featured in the video of the woman.

Ellen said that at first she wanted to approach the girl and ask her to delete the video she took.

Based on her statement, Ellen does not believe even if the woman will deny it because she is not that stupid.

As a response to her basher/paparazzi, the girlfriend of John Lloyd Cruz also took a video of the woman and she made it obvious.

Ellen said that the woman is really guilty because it can be seen on her reaction that she seemed conscious after knowing that she is being recorded.

“You look so conscious because you panicked, because you know that I’m doing what you are doing,” the actress said.

She also said that instead of getting angry to what the woman did; Ellen just decided to “reciprocate”.

The actress showed videos of the said woman who began to be uneasy as she noticed she is being recorded.

According to Ellen, the body language of her basher/paparazzi showed that she is indeed guilty.

She pointed out that woman should not pretend that she is the victim because there is always two sides of the story.

(Source: Ellen Adarna IG story)

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