Erich Gonzales Rushed To Emergency Room Due To Severe Asthma Attack

Kris Aquino revealed that Erich Gonzales was rushed to ER due to severe asthma attack

‘The Blood Sisters’ lead actress Erich Gonzales was rushed to an emergency room in a hospital in Bulacan due to severe asthma attack.

Erich Gonzales
(Photo source: @erichgg IG)

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino related the information on her Instagram account.

According to the post of the social media influencer, she was about to sleep when she received a message from her “other panganay”.

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Erich was taping for her Kapamilya drama series when her asthma became unbearable.

Kris said that she insisted the young actress to stay with her so that she can look after her as she is taking care of Josh.

The former presidential daughter added that their family doctor needs to visit them once again because of Erich’s health emergency.

With this, there were several fans of the ‘The Blood Sister’ actress who expressed their gratitude to Tetay.

Erich Gonzales
(Photo source: @krisaquino IG)

Instagram user @iamreyyahm said thank you to Kris for taking care of Erich. There some others who wished the young actress to get well soon as well as Josh.

Other netizens said that the Queen of all Media is a good friend to have for her good heart to others.

In this serious time, there were netizens who wished that Kris would also adopt them as her child.

Erich Gonzales is one of the celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry who Kris Aquino considers as her “anak-anakan”.

It is also known to many that the social media influencer is also close to Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu.

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