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Following Sarah’s Emotional Breakdown, Celebs Share Their Burnout Moments

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Several celebrities shared their burnout moments following the emotional breakdown of Sarah Geronimo in her Las Vegas concert.

Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo’s recent emotional breakdown during her ‘This 15 Me’ concert in Las Vegas made people realize that stardom is not the sole reason of happiness in a celebrity life, there are also burnout moments.

That incident just proved that show business is not just all glitz and glamour because it requires more than just looking good and smiling in front of the camera.

Burnout Sarah Geronimo
(file photo)

After Sarah’s meltdown, there were also several celebrities who shared the moment when they felt that they were already burned out in their career life.

Based on the article published in Inquirer, here are some celebrities who also went through this kind of phase in their lives.


Vilma Santos
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The Star for all Season admitted that in her 50 years in showbiz, giving up has crossed her mind for several times. She said she used to shoot three movies at the same time aside from her weekly show.

When Vilma felt dead tired of doing her engagements back then, she said that she would escape for three days which she knew was unprofessional. However, now that she is older, she is thinking the welfare of her co-stars and not only herself.

The veteran actress said that all it needs is a break every now and then.


Richard Yap


Being in a corporate world before, Richard said that he experienced burnout that time. He shared that there was a time that he felt unmotivated to work anymore and his unethical co-workers added to his stress.

Richard also said that he felt that he was underutilized back then so he decided to explore other fields of career and it led him to show business.


John Estrada
(file photo)

John admitted that for several times burnout moments occurred to him in the course of his career in showbiz. On the other hand, there is one factor that keeps on inspiring him to go on and continue to work hard – his family.

“My kids, my family—they’re my constant. I always feel motivated and inspired when I think of them,” the actor said, based on the source.



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