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Gary Valenciano’s Health Condition After Heart Bypass Surgery

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Angeli Pangilinan, the wife of Gary Valenciano revealed his current health condition after his heart bypass surgery just recently.

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano had a heart bypass surgery on May 6, Sunday after tests weeks ago showed that his coronary arteries was 95 percent blocked.

Due to the singer’s diabetes, his arteries had very thin walls already. With that condition, he needed to undergo a heart bypass surgery.

Based on the report published in Inquirer, the veteran singer is now doing well after the operation.

Gary Valenciano
(One Music PH)

“As of today, May 6, at 7:30 p.m, Gary’s heart surgery was successful… He’s doing very well,” Angeli Pangilinan, the wife of the singer, revealed through a text message.

She also asked prayers for the fast recovery of her husband.

Prior to his surgery, it was said that Gary felt something was wrong after his dance performance with his son Gab.

“After that dance, I felt a sensation I had never felt before – not even during the times I would push myself, [like] riding my mountain bike on the trails for extended periods of time. I felt tightness and pain in my chest,” the Kapamilya singer said, through a message relayed by his wife.

Gary Valenciano and Angeli Pangilinan
(@garyvalenciano IG)

Right after that, he seek for medical help and the doctor found out that his heart is fine and all its blood vessels. On the other hand, there was one problem found.

“The main valve, my left anterior descending artery is 95 percent blocked and now has very thin walls, because of diabetes,” Gary Valenciano related.

He also said that his main purpose in sharing to the public his medical condition is to prevent gossips and speculations.

The singer also apologize to those he had prior commitments but he promised that he will get better to fulfill his engagements.

Gary V looks forward that he will soon perform on stage to give entertainment to his fans after his recovery.

For Mr. Pure Energy, the recent happening in his life is something worth to be told to give inspiration to others.

He iterated, based on the source, that “let’s not worry, OK? Let’s just be prayerful.”


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