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LOOK: Gay, Bisexual Pinoy Celebrities Who Can Make Girls’ Hearts Faint

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Here are some Pinoy celebrities who are gays or bisexuals but with their manly looks they can still make the hearts of many girls faint.

Several Pinoy celebrities have openly revealed to the public about their true sexuality.

There are those who are gay while some admitted that they are bisexual but despite of that, their appeal to the female population is still as strong as they were like straight men.

Here are some gay and bisexual Pinoy celebrities who can make the hearts of girls faint with their handsome looks.

Paolo Ballesteros

He may be famous for his makeup transformation showcasing the face of various female celebrities but when he poses photo of himself, he is definitely gorgeous.

Pinoy Celebrities

Prince Stephan

Though Prince is happily in love with his “beb” Paolo Amores, his manly looks still swoons many girls.

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BJ Pascual

He may be a famous photographer of many celebrities but when BJ poses for a photo, he is worthy to be a model also.

Fifth Solomon

He admitted that he is bisexual when he joined a Kapamilya reality show but he received positive reactions about it.

Sinon Loresca

He is known for his cross-dressing as a woman but in contrast his beard is so prominent. Minus the beard, Sinon looks so manly.

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The comedian is always seen dressing up like a girl but he stunned netizens when he posted a “pogi” version of himself.

Conrad Ricamora

He is known for playing a gay named Oliver in US series “How To Get Away With Murder”. The actor with Pinoy blood is openly gay and was honored with The Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award.

Mark Bautista

He is one of the Pinoy celebrities who admitted his true sexuality. Mark opened up about it just recently through his book ‘Beyond The Mark’.


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(source: GMA)


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