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Gretchen Barretto To Basher Who Criticized Her Lifestyle: “I am who I am”

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Gretchen Barretto fired back to a basher who criticized her lifestyle and she stressed this phrase, “I am who I am”.

Gretchen Barretto did not let a mean comment about her lifestyle pass her attention.

Gretchen Barretto
(Photo source: Journal Online)

On her recent Instagram post, La Greta shared a screenshot photo of a comment from a netizen who criticized her lifestyle.

“I hope you could do better on the social media than showing off your lifestyle Ms. GRETA. If you could do even better. #JUSTSAYING,” Instagram @boshie 1185 commented.

Lifestyle of Gretchen Barretto was bashed
(screen shot from @gretchenbarretto IG)

As a socialite, it can be seen that most of her posts are showing her lavish lifestyle such as expensive items and being in luxurious places.

With regards to the bashing, Gretchen said a piece of her mind regarding the remark from the netizen.

(file photo)

La Greta questioned the netizen if bashing her is something better than what she is posting.

“I am who I am & I will do whatever pleases me. Deal with it. C’est la vie,” the famous socialite said.

Several Instagram followers of La Greta fired back to the basher.

Instagram user @lurlur_ said that the basher has no right to dictate what the former actress is posting on her account but instead make it as an inspiration to strive more in life.

Instagram user @pipay19790 said that bashers are just jealous for not having the kind of life that Gretchen has.

Instagram user @misseverywhere1 commented that the harsh comment from the basher won’t let the socialite down.

(file photo)

After ending her charity endeavor on Instagram, Gretchen Barretto started to post again her everyday routine.

During the time when she was granting requests from netizens, together with her friends and daughter Dominique, she was posting about the people who received help from them.

However, since that project went through a controversy, they decided to stop it and now she’s back with her usual posting of her lifestyle.

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