Gretchen Barretto Deletes Controversial Video, Disables Comment Option On Instagram

Gretchen Barretto made some changes on her Instagram account as she deleted the recent controversial video she posted and disabled the comment option.

Gretchen Barretto received bashing from netizens when she uploaded a video on her Instagram account showing that she and her friends were laughing at a netizen’s requests.

La Greta laughed out loud with Mimi Que and Patty Pineda as the latter was reading the requester’s message to them.

Based on a previous article, Gretchen received a round of criticisms from her Instagram followers.

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Netizens were questioning why they had to laugh about the requests of the netizen.

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Some said that it was inappropriate that Gretchen even shared the video on her Instagram account where a lot of people would see that they find the message funny.

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On the other hand, as of the writing, the said post of La Greta was already deleted. There are two possibilities to this.

She might have deleted it or it was reported.

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That is the only noticeable thing that happened to the IG account of the actress/socialite.

In her recent post, the comment option was also disabled. It no longer has an “Add Comment” section.

(screen shot from @gretchenbarretto IG)

What could be the reason that La Greta would not want to see comments from her IG followers?

Is it because she received too much bashing from the video in which they were seen laughing out loud?

Or it is because of comments from netizens regarding her father, Mike Barretto, who was recently hospitalized?

It was mentioned in an article that there were netizens who posted on her wall to call out regarding her father’s condition.

Gretchen, reportedly, slammed the comments from netizens.

Here are the comments from netizens and the replies of La Greta.

“It’s just so heart breakin­g you are helping so many people, but your own dad is in the hospital waiting for you to visit. I think he don’t need money all he need is that her daughters to get along before anything happen. I hope you find in your heart to forgive and let go, prayers for your family and to your dad.” – @annebisyosa73

Gretchen’s reply:

“what do you know?! To each his own. Stay out of my personal life. I don’t need your unsolicited advice. You know NOTHING ABOUT MY PAIN!”

“Ask ko lang ha Gretchen panay ang pamigay mo ng mga wishes ng mga taong may kapansanan pero ang tatay mo may sa­kit na nabibisita mo ba siya o nakakausap to show your love and affection kasi dapat family first di ba bago ang iba wag mong mamasamain kasi avid fan mo ako lalo mo nga akong napahanga sa mga pagtulong mo sa mga may mga kapansanan pero sana habang buhay pa siya mas mapasaya mo siya o sila ng nanay mo pero sorry din ha kasi wala akong alam sa estado ng relationship nyo ng pamilya nagtatanong lang naman God bless and sana wish ko na mas maraming marami pa kayong matulungan na mas higit na nangangailanan.” – @zulonairos

Gretchen’s reply:

“@zulonairos since you admitted that you know nothing about my relationship, I believe it is best for you to stay out of MY PERSONAL LIFE. It is none of your business.”

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