LOOK: Isabelle Daza’s ‘Pambahay’ Look On TWBA Elicits Various Reactions

Isabelle Daza received various reactions for her “pambahay” look during TWBA interview

Kapamilya actress Isabelle Daza recently guested on Tonight With Boy Abunda with her “pambahay” look and this elicited various reactions from netizens.

isabelle daza
Photo source: @isabelledaza IG

Avid viewers of the late night talk show of Boy Abunda would easily identify that Isabelle was different from other female celebrities who guested in the show when it comes to wardrobe and makeup.

Unlike previous popular female artistas in the Philippines showbiz industry, the daughter of Gloria Diaz showcased her simplicity.

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Isabelle was just wearing a pair of jeans and a white shirt. To complete her simple get-up, she wore black sandals.

Her hair was fixed in a messy bun and her make-up was barely there.

“That time I wore T-shirt for an interview and was told to change. But didn’t. learned a lot from the king of talk tito @boyabunda who is such a good listener,” Isabelle Daza wrote in her IG post caption.

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She also told Boy Abunda about it during the interview.


“I actually did not have time to fix my hair, it’s kinda wet. Your AD was like ‘pwede ka na magchange’, and I’m like, ‘this is what I’m wearing’. She was like, ‘ay, so nice’,” the actress shared while laughing.

On her IG post, netizens expressed how they like her simplicity, her confidence and how she answered the questions.

“Nevermind the outlook… the important thing is, she’s got beauty and brain” – IG user @hzlmanuel

“Ur such a natural beauty at walang arte so proud of u” – IG user @w_gracie_

its not about what you wear, it’s how you wear it . and also, no beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart. really admire you.” – IG user @tonieeeh


Meanwhile, here are some of the comments on YouTube.

“This is a conversation not an interview…” – Franco Parcon

Love her down to earth wala pang artista na nag guest kay tito boy na naka tshirt n sandal.” – 최소지

Motherhood changed her, an IT Girl turned to a woman. Not just a woman but a woman with substance.” – Edmar Borja

What can you say about this?

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