Jenine Desiderio Blames ‘ASAP’ Staff For Her “Sablay Sa Nota” Performance

Jenine Desiderio reportedly blamed the staff of ‘ASAP’ because of her “sablay sa nota” performance

Last Sunday, singer Jenine Desiderio was part of a tribute for OPM icon Marco Sison in ‘ASAP’.

In the said production number, she sang along with one of the show’s mainstay Jed Madela.

Together they sang “I’ll Face Tomorrow” and their performance was reportedly unpleasing.

Jenine Desiderio
(Photo source: PEP)

Based on the article published in Pilipino Star Ngayon, Jenine was out of tune. There was a part of the song that she went off key.

Unfortunately, it was also said that Jed was dragged with the situation. The male singer is known for his keen ear when it comes to the perfect tone of the song.

Due to Jenine Desiderio’s out of tune singing, Jed Madela also sang the notes incorrectly.

Reportedly, people who saw that said performance commented that it seemed like the veteran singer was not sure of her notes.

Based on a report, some of the production people of the Kapamilya’s Sunday musical variety show revealed that Jenine blamed them for her performance mishap.

The veteran singer blamed them because allegedly she did not receive the study tape for the said song.

On the other hand, when she came to the ‘ASAP’ studio for the rehearsal, she had enough time to study and get familiarize with the song.

The staff of the show thought that it was all okay since she had a rehearsal prior to the actual performance.

However, Jenine Desiderio’s performance did not turn out well and that is why she had been a topic after ‘ASAP’, based on the article.

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