Jiro Manio: Former Child Star Whose Grown Up Life Went Controversial

The life of Jiro Manio is indeed colorful from the time he started in showbiz until he became a grown up man.

Being a child star is not all glitz and glamour because most of them faced different life dilemmas when they were growing up and Jiro Manio was not an exception to this.

The transition from being a child into adulthood may create various effects to the life of a star.

This is what happened to Jiro as a grown up. His life went controversial.

Jiro Manio
(Pinoy Exchange/Fashion Pulis)

He first entered showbiz in 1999 through his portrayal of a role in the film ‘Pamana’.

His dramatic skill was recognized when he played the title character Magnifico in 2004. Jiro bagged the Best Actor in Gawad Urian and Best Child Actor award in FAMAS.

The former child star was also included in the movie of Comedy Queen Ai-Ai Delas Alas ‘Ang Tanging Ina Niyong Lahat’ which was the way why he got closed to the actress.

Jiro Manio’s career was blooming back then and everyone expected that he would follow the footsteps of prominent actors in the industry.

On the other hand, his life did not turn out the way most people expected.

He became a father at a young age of 15 with his long-time partner which he initially denied and just admitted about it when he was already 18. Now, he has two daughters, Sisha Calliope and Mishka Caxiopeia, based on the article published in Inquirer.

For whatever reason, the former child star got involve with the use of prohibited drugs and he was rehabilitated.

However, in June 2015, he was spotted in NAIA Terminal wandering around for several days and the Comedy Queen helped him to seek help because of his problem in substance abuse, based on the article published in ABS CBN.

January of 2016, a new light of hope shed upon Jiro Manio when he got out of the rehabilitation center and decided to give showbiz another try.

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