Kris Aquino Allegedly Plans To Have A New Gimmick

Kris Aquino allegedly plans to have a new gimmick in order to be a hot topic once again in show business.

How true is it that Tetay is planning to have a new gimmick?

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino has been on the entertainment news headlines these past few days as she ranted against Korina Sanchez for featuring her ex-husband James Yap in ‘Rated K’.

The social media influencer did no falter regardless of the criticisms she received for expressing her rage towards her former talk show co-host.

Gimmick of Kris Aquino
(The Philippine Star)

On the other hand, the veteran journalist of ABS-CBN did not answer the rant of Kris on social media and she hasn’t mentioned anything about it.

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Since the time that the former presidential daughter said her thoughts publicly against what the wife of Mar Roxas did in her show, people have been taking their sides.

There are those who admire Kris for being honest about what she really feels and they acknowledge that what she did was right.

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However, there are those who sided to Korina and expressed that Kris overdone it.

For several days now, the Kris-Korina feud has become the talk of the town, a hot topic among showbiz followers.

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Kris Aquino
(file photo)

Despite how hot a topic is, it will just eventually cool down and sooner or later people will start to forget it.

In the world of show business, almost everything is just temporary, just like the issue between Kris and James and Korina.

It was said in the article published in Pilipino Star Ngayon that Kris is being alleged of having a plan for her new gimmick.

According to the write up, some fans are speculating that the Queen of all Media is coming up for a new idea to be the hot topic once again.

These days, Jackie Forster who reunited with her sons Kobe and Andre Paras is the much-talked about topic in showbiz.

Allegedly, Kris will soon fix her conflict with James so that the spotlight will be back to her, based on the article.

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