Kris Aquino Is Getting Sick Allegedly Because Of Her Recent Social Media Rant

The rant of Kris Aquino on social media is allegedly the reason why she got sick after expressing her rage against James Yap and Korina Sanchez.

Social media influencer Kris Aquino got sick these past days allegedly because of her stress that came from her rant on social media.

It can be recalled that the former presidential daughter took to Instagram her rage against her former husband James Yap for the latter’s role as a father to their son Bimby.

The rant of Kris on social media even extended to ‘Rated K’ host Korina Sanchez when the veteran journalist featured James in her show.

Rant of Kris Aquino
(@byxbuzz IG)

For the Queen of all Media, what Korina did was not acceptable for making James’ image good before the eyes of the public.

With this, the controversy between Kris and Korina started to fire up as social media users expressed their own opinions about it.

Upon this issue is happening, it was said that the social media influencer got sick. An article published in Pilipino Star Ngayon mentioned that Kris was not able to continue her shooting for the movie ‘I Love You Hater’ because she needed to go home and take some rest.

The entertainment columnist who penned the said article, Veronica Samio, also said that after fighting against people who hurt her, Kris did not expect that her next battle is against sickness.

Samio added that perhaps Kris low health status is due to her stress coming from her fight against her ex-husband and to the people who were involved in her anger.

After her rant, Kris took a moment of silence, which according to the columnist brought a bit of joy to the people but not actually to the fans of JoshLia, the tandem of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

Kris Aquino, Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia
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It was said in the article that JoshLia fans worry about their idols that they might be influenced by Kris’ negativity.

However, Samio said that the fans of the love team should not worry about it because if Kris will do anything negative with the movie they are doing now, she will also suffer from it.

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