Kris-Mocha Word War Sparked Feud Between DJ Mo & Atty. Topacio

DJ Mo Twister and Atty. Ferdie Topacio took their sides in Kris-Mocha word war

The word war that happened between Kris Aquino and Mocha Uson sparked feud between DJ Mo Twister and Atty. Ferdie Topacio.

DJ Mo Twister / Atty. Ferdie Topacio
(Photo source: Bandera)

When the issue between Kris and Mocha started to circulate on social media, prominent personalities expressed which side they are.

Some commended the Queen of all Media for standing by the memory of her parents while some reasoned out that the PCOO had done nothing wrong.

Kris Aquino / Mocha Uson
(file photo)

DJ Mo and Atty. Topacio expressed also their thoughts about the Kris-Mocha word war.

Based on the article published in Bandera, Mo sided with Kris in this issue.

Because of that, he received criticisms from the supporters of Mocha such as Atty. Topacio.

It was said that the names of actresses Rhian Ramos and Bea Binene were even dragged to their Twitter debate.

The DJ said that he became an instant fan of Kris for giving Mocha her own dose of medicine.

One netizen commented that he used to be a friend of the PCOO Asec and he answered it with fierce words.

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Atty. Topacio slammed DJ Mo for this.

Of course, the DJ would not want it to pass. He also fired back to the lawyer.

Based on the article, Kris Aquino has already concede to Mocha Uson. The social media influencer said that the PCOO Asec. has succeeded in hurting her feelings.

The fact that Kris did not get an apology added to her pain. On the other hand, she still feels triumphant in her word war against Mocha because President Rodrigo Duterte apologized through SAP Bong Go.

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Kris reacted fiercely when Mocha dragged the name of her father to justify the “kissing video” of the President with an OFW.

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