IN PHOTOS: LGBT Celebrity Couples Who Are Proud Of Their Relationships

These are the LGBT couples in showbiz who are proud of their relationships

In this modern times, there are already quite a number of LGBT couples in show business who proudly share their relationships to the public.

Some of them had already tied the knot and some are just waiting for the right time.

Here are some of the LGBT celebrity couples who are happy to find the love of their lives.

Prince Stefan and Paolo Amores

LGBT couple
(Photo source: GMA Entertainment)

Actor Prince Stefan revealed in mid-2016 that he is dating his long-time friend Paolo Amores. The couple celebrated their first anniversary last December 2017.

Rajo Laurel and Nix Alañon

(Photo source: GMA Entertainment)

This LGBT couple is on the tenth year of their relationship. Rajo as a fashion designer and Nix as an interior designer are both successful in their own fields of career.

Aiza Seguerra and Liza Diño 

(Photo source: GMA Entertainment)

It was in the year 1998 when they first met through Aiza’s boyfriend back then. However, it was only after ten years that they had the chance to rekindle their connection.

They got married in San Francisco, California last December 2014.

Boobay and Kent Juan Resquir

(Photo source: GMA Entertainment)

This LGBT couple has a long distance relationship since Kent moved to Australia for his profession as physical therapist.

Nevertheless, their love even got stronger and it is evident how much they love each other on their social media posts.

Boy Abunda and Bong Quintana

(Photo source: GMA Entertainment)

Boy and Bong’s relationship has battled against the tests of time as they are now together for 30 years.

Initially, this couple hid their relationship from Bong’s family but it turned out that his father is the biggest fan of Boy.

Ate Glow and Mr. Hampshire

(Photo source: GMA Entertainment)

Ate Glow or Rene Boy Facunla in real life is now married to her British husband whom she prefers the public to call as Mr. Hampshire.

After 18 months of dating, they finally tied the knot.

Tim Yap and Javi Martinez

(Photo source: GMA Entertainment)

This LGBT couple got married in New York last December 25. They are both in the same field, Tim is the eventologist while Javi is the events director.

They are also business partner in Yaparazzi events.

(Source: GMA)

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