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Liz Uy Reveals Why She Kept Her Pregnancy Secret With Raymond Racaza’s Baby

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This is the reason of Liz Uy why she did not reveal her pregnancy

Celebrity stylist Liz Uy revealed the reason why she kept her pregnancy with Raymond Racaza’s baby.

Her revelation about her Baby Xavi became controversial when she suddenly posted their photo on Instagram.

Many were intrigued about the identity of her child since no one knew outside of her family and closest friends that she got pregnant.

Liz Uy and baby Xavi
(Photo source: The Philippine Star)

The controversy even fired up when the name of Dr. Geraldine Zamora-Racaza was involved in the scenario. She is the “estranged” wife of Raymond.

According to the article published in The Philippine Star, Liz Uy chose to kept her pregnancy a secret was because she wanted what is best for her baby.

Raymond Racaza
(Photo source: Twitter)

“I was proactively taking care of the baby in my womb. “I didn’t want something beautiful to be tainted by negativity,” she explained.

From the first to the sixth month of her pregnancy, Liz was still fulfilling her scheduled engagements involving her profession.

When the seventh month came, she decided to spend the rest of her pregnancy in Los Angeles, California.

It was said that she chose that place because it is where she spent her childhood during summers.

In addition, the stylist also wants her baby to continue growing in that laidback environment.

In Los Angeles, she started to prepare the temporary home for Baby Xavi while hosting vacationing friends and family.

Liz also took a break from the toxicity of social media. Within the remaining two months of her pregnancy, she enjoyed satisfying her cravings for salt.

She also spend time with her girlfriends during weekends. That was her life in Los Angeles as she awaited the coming of Baby Xavi.

The stylist gave birth to her son with Raymond on September 20, 2017 at exactly 7:30 in the morning, based on the article.

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