Liza Soberano and James Reid Spotted Attending Bretman Rock’s Party

Liza Soberano and James Reid Present in Bretman’s Rock Party, Enjoying Filipino fast-food in Hawaii

Liza Soberano and James Reid were both spotted in Hawaii attending Bretman Rock’s Birthday party together with their other content creator friends.

On Sunday, July 31, James and Liza attended the Birthday celebration of Filipino-American online personality Bretman Rock. The celebrities enjoyed the Filipino fast-food chain and a chance to meet other influencers in Hawaii.

From the latest report of Inquirer.Net, the actors can be seen chowing down some sushi at Rock’s Birthday celebration as seen in catering service ‘Sushi on the Wheels’ Instagram stories. Bretman himself also posted on his social media accounts some clips about the said event.

According to the report, James and Liza participated in a photo booth alongside Bretman and Bella Poarch, another Fil-Am content creator. The said picture can be seen in each of their respective Instagram stories.

Liza and James were spotted eating at a Filipino fast-food chain at the Ala Moana Center in Honolulu, Hawaii before Rock’s birthday celebration. They were both seen posing at the counter, as demonstrated by Jeffrey Oh, CEO of Careless Music, in his Instagram stories from yesterday.

Mabuhay Mahalo” Oh captioned.

Jhan Balugo, a member of the fast-food staff who took the orders of the said actors, expressed her excitement at finally meeting the stars on her Facebook page yesterday. Along with a picture of some restaurant personnel with Liza and James, she also displayed some screenshots of Oh’s Instagram stories.

[Oh my God] I can’t believe na ako kumukuha ng order nila. Ang saya ko, promise,” she said.

Since James and Liza were first seen by @nikkirs16 arriving on the island last Saturday, July 31, it appears that they have been in Hawaii for a few days now. Since Liza signed with Jame’s record company Careless Music, the actors have started spending more time together.

They had a meeting with Starship Entertainment from South Korea last month. In May, they also went to several events in the US, such as the Asia Society Southern California 2022 Anual Gala and the inaugural Gold House’s first annual Gold Gala.

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