Maja Salvador Finds Comedy ‘A Completely Different Animal’

Maja Salvador finds Comedy as a Big Challenge for her Drama Career

Maja Salvador thought her body needed a little jolting on the set during the first few days of filming for her new TV5 sitcom, “Oh My Korona”.

The expected “Oh My Korona” casts are RK Bagatsing, Joey Marquez, Kakai Bautista, Pooh, and many more. The sitcom is the first of Maja’s numerous commitments to TV5 and Cignal Entertainment, which were initially revealed this year.

I wanted to give my whole body a good shake because I felt so stiff. I thought to myself, ‘Eh paano nga ba mag-comedy?” Maja said.

According to Inquirer.Net, Maja has established herself as one of the best dramatic actors of her generation after almost two decades in the business. She has, however, been experimenting with more enjoyable and humorous projects over the last several years, such as her most recent drama-comedy series, “Nina Nino”.

The report said that ‘Oh My Korona’ was a significant shift from her legendary parts in the horror drama “The Killer Bride” and the vengeance drama “Wildflower”.

However, she found out that producing a sitcom is still a different animal for her. And for that reason, she is incredibly appreciative of having sitcom veteran Joey Marquez as one of her co-stars in “Oh My Korona.”

Along with the helpful advice she received from Joey, Maja is grateful for his consideration while working on the set.

He’s like a father to us. He always wants to see his costars—his ‘kids’—doing their best. And the tips he shared with me I will always cherish,” she said.

Maja Salvador and her “Wildflower” co-star RK Bagatsing are back together on the show, but this time, in a lighter setting. The actress was amazed that four years after the show, supporters of their pairing still remained.

Every scene we did in ‘Wildflower’ was intense. But now, the fans will get to see what we’re like behind the cameras—goofy and always laughing,” Maja said.

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