Marian Rivera’s Fans Slam Heart Evangelista’s Revelation About Past Conflict

Fans of Marian Rivera slammed the revelation of Heart Evangelista regarding their past conflict, the latter’s fans fired back.

The conflict between Heart Evangelista and Marian Rivera has long been a topic within the showbiz circle.

In 2011, the two actresses were working in the same project when the issue started to arise.

It was mentioned in a previous article that Marian has already addressed the speculations and said the she and Heart are civil towards each other.

Marian Rivera
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However, after several years, the issue regarding that said conflict won’t just die completely.

Based on the article recently published in Bandera, it was cited that there was a video interview with Heart wherein she said something about her previous conflict with Marian.

The wife of Senator Chiz Escudero said, “I have no comment. But for me, I’m pretty traumatized with what she did to me before, so I’d rather not have anything to do with them. I hope that was blunt enough.”

Heart Evangelista
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Because of that, the fans of the wife of Dingdong Dantes were infuriated.

It was said that there was one Marian fan who asked why Heart just opened up about this recently when it happened way back years ago.

“Bakit ngayon ka lang nag iingay? Sana noon ka pa nagsalita di yung pinaabot mo pa ng 7 yrs bago ka magsalita…nagkakaroon tuloy ng malisya at motibo ang mga sinasabi mo.”

With this, a fan of Heart reportedly fired back with this statement:

“Syunga! Nagsalita na sya dati tungkol jan. Nagpa presscon pa nga sya. Dami satsat wala namang alam!”

Another fan of Marian Rivera reacted against a fan of Heart Evangelista.

“She’s insecure kay Marian, and who would bully her sobrang maldita kaya ng gurl na to. kaya nga she doesnt have a lot of friends. While compared to Marian she’s nothing. The only label she has is she’s the 2nd wife of the senator yun lang,”

Of course, it a fan of the Senator’s wife commented back, based on the article.

“Dakilang taga pagtanggol ni Marian as if naman ang bait ng idol mo? Yung ginawa ni Marian kay Bela Padilla at Heart totoo lahat yun. Gaga! PLASTIKADA ang babaeng yun!”

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