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Maxene Magalona Almost Got Hit By Car At Pedestrian Crossing

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Maxene Magalona called out to MMDA about the car which almost hit her

Kapamilya actress Maxene Magalona revealed that a car almost hit her while she was walking at a pedestrian lane in Rockwell.

She took to Twitter her revelation about the mishaps she experienced.

According to her post, she and her companion were in the middle of the pedestrian crossing when a car did not stop to give way for them.

Maxene Magalona
(Photo source: @maxenemagalona IG)

Maxene elaborated that the car did not even slow down but it speed up as if the driver wanted to run over them.

She called out the attention of the people in Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) regarding this matter.

The actress encourages people to have safe and responsible driving.

Here is her post on Twitter about what happened.

“FYI @MMDA, this car almost hit us while we were in the midde of a pedestrian crossing in Rockwell. Instead of slowing down when we were crossing, the driver sped up as if wanting to run us over. Let’s all promote safe & responsible driving especially around pedestrian lanes.”

The Kapamilya actress also included a photo of the car that almost hit them, including its plate number.

Maxene Magalona is Maxene Sofia Maria Arroyo Magalona in real life. She is the daughter of the late Master Rapper Francis Magalona with Pia Arroyo-Magalona.

At a young age, she already entered show business through the youth-oriented show ‘Ang TV’.

After that stint, she joined the cast of ‘5 and Up’ in GMA.

However, in 2014 she returned to the Kapamilya network where her brother Elmo Magalona is also a talent now.

Maxene is now married to her husband Rob Mananquil. She is set to star in the upcoming romantic-comedy series ‘Playhouse’.


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