Piolo Pascual Reveals How Much He Loves Sarah Geronimo

This is how much Piolo Pascual loves Sarah Geronimo

Kapamilya actor Piolo Pascual gave a heartfelt message for Sarah Geronimo last Sunday on ABS-CBN’s musical variety show ‘ASAP’.

After Sarah’s controversial breakdown during her concert in Las Vegas, Piolo, along with Robi Domingo and Luis Manzano welcomed her back in the show.

The Popstar Princess said that she missed being on the ‘ASAP’ stage. She’s also thankful to be back and sing for her fans.

Sarah Geronimo
(file photo)

Sarah also thanked everyone who watched her US concert tour.

After her production number last Sunday, Piolo, Luis and Robi gave their sweet messages for the pop singer.

Luis said that he will continue to be proud of Sarah no matter what achievements she will have. The ‘I Can See Your Voice’ host added that his friendship with Sarah is way beyond the camera and what the people see.

When it was time for Robi to speak, he commended the Popstar Princess for her talent and attitude towards her career.

“Grabe ka, ‘yung talent at puso mo. Popster talaga ako pero dito sa ASAP, kapamilya kami,” Robi said to Sarah.

Piolo Pascual, Luis Manzano, Sarah Geronimo and Robi Romingo
(Photo source: Pilipino Star Ngayon)

Lastly, Piolo Pascual gave her heartfelt message to the singer who had been his co-star in ‘My Breakup Playlist’.

According to the A-list actor, even if stars in show business will come and go but Sarah’s star will continue to shine.

Then, he said that along with the people who loves the Popstar Princess, they love her from the bottom of their hearts, based on the article.

“A lot of stars have come and gone and still a lot of them will come and go, but your star will always remain. We just want you to know that we love you from the bottom of our hearts,” Piolo said.

Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo
(Photo source: PUSH)

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