Terrence Romeo’s Alleged Video Scandal Now Circulating Online

The alleged video scandal of basketball player Terrence Romeo is now circulating online and has become a hot topic among gays.

PBA player Terrence Romeo allegedly has a video scandal that is now circulating on social media and has become a hot topic among gay community.

In the said video scandal, half of the face of the guy was seen covered with the blanket, so it is not yet verified if it is really the basketball player.

The next shot showed that the guy was already holding his intimate area and he was obviously giving pleasure to himself.

Terrence Romeo
(Photo source: Bandera)

As of now, it is still a question if the basketball player already knows about it. If this already came to his knowledge, he has not commented yet regarding this allegations.

According to an article published in Bandera, it is not conclusive that it was really Terrence.

On the other hand, several netizens who commented on the Fashion Pulis’ photos showing a guy with a blonde hair and doing the aforementioned act said a unison guess who the guy was.

The photos were captioned with “Scandal Photos: Tightly Rubbing It”.

Here are the photos posted on the site of FP.

(Photo source: Fashion Pulis)
(Photo source: Fashion Pulis)

There were a lot of netizens who said that it was T.

Although there were some netizens whose comments about the identity of the controversial guy in the photo was just a guess, there were some who commented with conviction that it was really T.

There was one netizen who even said “Omg! So it was TRue!”, emphasizing the first two letters T and R which are the initial letters of the name of Terrence Romeo.

Some netizens did not focus who the guy was but on the thing he possesses.

Here are some comments from the site of Fashion Pulis.

(screen shot from Fashion Pulis)

Terrence Romeo is currently playing for TNT KaTropa in the Philippine Basketball Association.

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