Top Ten Most Admired Female Celebrities In the Philippines, According To Voting Website

Here are the top ten most admired female celebrities in the Philippines and the comments of the voters, based on a post from voting website.

In the Philippine showbiz industry, there are celebrities who are considered as the most admired for various reasons.

Some fans are hooked with the looks of their favorite stars while there are those who are simply admiring the talent a celebrity possesses.

Here are the top ten most admired female celebrities in the Philippines, based on the voting website The Top Tens.

Most Admired Female Celebrities in the Philippines

  1. Maja Salvador

People who commented said that her talent in dancing is simply remarkable, aside from the fact that she is pretty.

  1. Erich Gonzales

There is one who commented that Erich is one of the finest in her generation while there is one who pointed out that she is beautiful inside out.

  1. Toni Gonzaga

Tagged as the Ultimate Multimedia Star, commenters pointed out that she deserves to be admired because of her talent and she is always slaying her style.

  1. Kathryn Bernardo

A commenter said that her genuine kindness, innocence and smile is what makes her almost perfect.

  1. Marian Rivera

Indeed, she is extremes because she is the top spot in the most hated celebrities in the Philippines but she is also considered as one of the most admired and this is due to her beauty and talent.

  1. Anne Curtis

“Beautiful, hot, sexy”, those are just some of the words used to describe Anne. In addition, other people also like her for being versatile and transparent.

  1. Kim Chiu

One commenter said that Kim really knows how to handle herself and she stands with honor and pride.

  1. Angel Locsin

Those who admire Angel said that everything about her is beautiful; from her physical appearance down to her personality and attitude.

  1. Maine Mendoza

There is one comment which said that Maine is beauty and brains and one thing admirable about her is that she is not afraid to look ugly in front of the camera.

  1. Sarah Geronimo

For someone, it is just right for Sarah to be on the top spot of most admired female celebrities in the Philippines because “she is a perfect example of a woman of substance”.

(Source: The Top Tens)

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