Cesar Montano Admits FEM Role is More Difficult to Play than Jose Rizal

Cesar Montano Admits The Role of FEM is More Difficult than Jose Rizal

Veteran actor Cesar Montano admitted that the role of Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Sr (FEM) is more difficult to play than Philippine’s National Hero Jose Rizal.

In a statement, Montano acknowledged that portraying former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. is more challenging than those of Jose Rizal and André Bonifacio. For Montano, the part of FEM in Darryl Yap’s film “Maid in Malacanang” served as a test of his ability to perform.

” I’ve done movies on national heroes like Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio, but kakaiba ito kasi it is all about the last 72 hours of the Marcoses before they left Malacanang in 1986,” said Cesar.

“Never kong naisip na gagampanan ko pala siya balang araw. Like him, I care for agriculture because I love farming and planting,” he added.

Cesar Montano FEM Role

He claimed that as part of his role-related study, he even had to speak with members of the Marcos family. The actor questioned senator Imee Marcos and the sister of the president about how her father was feeling at the moment.

“I tried to do more research on FM but kakaunti lang ang available na videos on him, so I want to talk to Sen. Imee Marcos so I can ask her about how her father felt at that time, para naman I can give justice to the role,” he shared.

“I have questions for her (Sen. Imee) and I know her input will be really valuable kasi sila talaga ang magkakasama noong mga panahong yun. Yung last 72 hours na nasa Malacañang sila prior to their departure,” he added.

Jose Rizal by Cesar unquestionably took home the MMFF trophy in 1998. They portrayed actor Andres Bonifacio in 2012. Now, the action star will play Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the late president and father of the current president of the Philippines.

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