Christian Coalition Movement Supports MTRCB’s Decision to Suspend It’s Showtime for 12 Days

The Christian Coalition Movement sent an official letter through their Chief Executive Officer, Bishop Vincent Vicencio, expressing their support for the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) in imposing a 12-day suspension on the program “It’s Showtime.” It can be recalled that the issue with the said noontime show stemmed from a controversial act where Vice Ganda and Ion Perez engaged in a suggestive gesture using icing on a cake. This action drew criticism, especially after Self-proclaimed motivational speaker Rendon Labador brought it to the MTRCB’s attention. This led to calls for appropriate action against the couple’s behavior, which eventually resulted in a heated exchange between opposing sides.

Ion Vice

The CCM also criticized the scene in their letter, referring to it as sensual, obscene, and morally offensive. They argued that such scenes should be kept private and reserved for mature audiences only and that they were not acceptable to the youth and the Filipino values that Filipinos hold dear. The letter also mentioned other pressing issues the country faces, such as economic problems, commodity price increases, and other significant concerns. They emphasized the need for a wholesome show instead of one that promotes immorality and adds to the worries of Filipino families.

Surging Rice Price

The letter also highlighted the concerns of the show’s producers and referenced several laws that empower the MTRCB to review television programs.

As of now, the MTRCB has not issued a final decision on “It’s Showtime” after the show submitted a motion last week. Therefore, the show continues to air, and the MTRCB Chair, Lala Sotto, has stated that she will not participate in the decision-making process to avoid any perceived personal interest or bias. However, the controversy surrounding the issue persists.

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