Clean Fuel Addresses Claim About Dominic Roque’s Gas Station Ownership

Apart from owning a condominium, one of the issues thrown at Dominic Roque is the alleged ownership of a gas station given to him as a gift. Thus, these became separate issues in the breakup of Dominic and Bea. Many names have surfaced and linked to Dominic Roque, including implications about his sexuality, affected by false accusations, even associating him with years he wasn’t involved. So when Bea and Dominic released their joint statement, they expressed sadness over the emerging news, including the statement that they had already separated without any farewell or consent from their side. Therefore, they requested respect and privacy due to what they’ve been through.

Bullet Dominic Bong Suntay Issue

A few days ago, in Jay Ruiz’s vlog, the two politicians mentioned in Bea and Dominic’s issue, Mayor Bullet Jalosjos and Congressman Bong Suntay, officially released a statement. There have been write-ups and vlogs narrating Bullet and Dominic’s companionship, including Bong Suntay in some photos. However, the two politicians and businessmen clarified that they’d been friends with Dominic for over ten years. As friends, Bullet allowed Dominic to stay in his condominium, which costs 50k a month, cheaper than the usual rent price, because Dominic also helped fix the condo due to some damages.

Bong, who owns some gas stations and the Clean Fuel company linked to Dominic, said that he made Dominic a brand ambassador because they’re friends, and the payment to Dominic as an endorser was reasonable. Dominic Roque never received or owned a gas station, which hurts them with the news circulating, implying that they’re Dominic’s sugar daddies, even casting doubts on their sexuality.

Yesterday, Dominic Roque released an official statement through his lawyer, clarifying the accusations against him and the embarrassment caused to the families involved in the issue, particularly mentioning veteran journalist Cristy Fermin, who first brought up these issues in her vlogs.

Today, Clean Fuel also released an official statement condemning the misinformation about their brand ambassador, Dominic Roque. They also stated that no gas station was given to Dominic. Below is the full statement from Clean Fuel, owned by Congressman Bong Suntay.

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