Crissa Liaging’s Cryptic TikTok: A Response to Philmar Alipayo’s Interview with Boy Abunda?

Speculations are rife following a TikTok video by Crissa Liaging, a content creator who recently trended due to a controversial video with Philmar Alipayo. In the video, Liaging and Alipayo, the fiancé of actress Andi Eigenmann, appeared to be getting quite close, with Crissa seemingly about to kiss Philmar. This video quickly went viral, igniting a storm of reactions online.

In response to the uproar, both parties offered their explanations. They claimed that they were intoxicated at the time, suggesting they were not fully aware of their actions. It was emphasized that Philmar and Andi are happy together, raising their children as a loving family.

Crissa Liaging was quick to apologize for the incident, acknowledging Philmar’s family situation and admitting that the incident should never have happened. Despite this, the video continued to fuel public curiosity and debate.

During the controversy, Philmar and Andi appeared on Boy Abunda’s talk show, where the viral video was addressed once more. Philmar reiterated that he was drunk and unaware of his actions at the time. He expressed confidence in Andi’s trust and understanding, noting that Andi knows him well and was not affected by the viral video.

Shortly after this interview, Crissa posted a cryptic TikTok video that seemed to respond to the couple’s statements on the show. Her caption read, “Nakaka gigil sarap sabihin yung totoo!!!” (It’s so frustrating, I want to tell the truth!!!). This post quickly caught the attention of netizens, leading to widespread speculation. Was this a reaction to Philmar and Andi’s statements on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” or was she hinting at something else entirely?

The timing and content of Crissa’s post have led many to believe that she may have a different perspective on the incident than what was shared by Philmar and Andi. Some wonder if there is more to the story that Crissa is eager to reveal, while others think she might be venting her frustration about a different issue altogether.


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Regardless of the true meaning behind her post, it has certainly added another layer of intrigue to an already sensational story. As the public waits for further developments, one thing is clear: the intersection of social media, personal relationships, and public perception continues to create complex and often controversial narratives.

In this age of instant sharing and viral content, the line between personal and public life is increasingly blurred. The story of Crissa Liaging, Philmar Alipayo, and Andi Eigenmann serves as a potent reminder of how quickly online interactions can escalate and how challenging it can be to manage the fallout. Whether or not Crissa will divulge more about her cryptic post remains to be seen, but for now, it keeps everyone guessing.

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