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Darryl Yap Admits Cutting 3 Scenes in Maid in Malacañang

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Darryl Yap Reveals Cutting 3 Scenes in Maid in Malacañang Due to This

Controversial director Darryl Yap revealed that he allegedly cuts three (3) scenes in Maid in Malacañang film due to this reason.

The controversial director admitted during the major press conference for his new film, “Maid in Malacanang,” that he had to remove some of the sequences in the eagerly anticipated movie. He claimed that he removed three scenes because they were heavy.

“Meron po akong tatlong eksena na hindi ko na isinama dahil mabigat sa dibdib. Meron akong isang tinanggal dahil masyado naman nakakatawa,” he explained.

“Yung isa naman tinanggal ko dahil masyadong nakakaiyak. Yung isa naman po, baka may mangyari sa amin na hindi maganda kapag nilabas po. Okay lang naman ako na pinagagalitan wala lang demanda,” he added.

Darryl Yap Scenes
Image Source: Darryl Yap / Facebook

At the press conference for “Maid in Malacaang,” Sen. Imee also related the development of the movie’s theme. She claims that the joke was born out of the fact that she already had no profession after her stints with LenLen.

“Nag-umpisa talaga ito sa kalokohan at biruan. Sabi ko pagkatapos ng LenLen sa online, wala na akong career. Ano ang gagawin natin. So sabi ko tara, gawa tayo ng sine. Sabi nya tungkol sa last 72 hours in Malacanang. Sabi ko hindi naman nakakatuwa yun,” she said.

Darryl continued by saying that he volunteered to shoot a movie in the midst of the election. The senator believed that he was joking, but he had already pitched the idea to Viva. He also emphasized that he had been moved to give the people of Malacaang the chance to be heard and observed for thirty years by their love for him during the most recent election.

According to Yap, he wants to dedicate his contentious movie to all of his detractors. “This movie is for them talaga. I’ve always been vocal na lahat ng ginagawa ko ay para sa mga hindi naniniwala. Mula sa aking unang pelikula, naniniwala pa rin ako na ang tunay na kritiko ay yung mga nagsasabing hindi nila panonoorin nguni’t panonoorin pa rin nila,” said Darryl.

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