Despite Controversy, Sharon and Kiko Pangilinan Demonstrate Strength as a United Family

Many speculations have surfaced alleging that the married couple Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan have separated, especially with Sharon’s consecutive posts on her social media account that caught the attention of eagerly waiting columnists until the news of their alleged separation came to light.

Sharon Kiko

Speculations began after the Dear Heart Concert of the former couple Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta. The undeniable charisma of the two couldn’t be ignored, stirring the emotions of many fans from the ’90s who hoped that the two would reconcile, especially with the emerging news of discord between Kiko and his children against Sharon Cuneta’s child with Gabby Concepcion, KC Concepcion.

Dear Heart Concert

KC’s throwback post followed, featuring old letters and hopes from her childhood, narrating a happy and complete family. This happened at the Dear Heart Concert, where she was with her father Gabby, and mother Sharon. Because of this, many fans were thrilled and became emotional with this reunion.

Sharon Kiko family

One day after Christmas, Sharon’s post on her Instagram became a topic of discussion, adding to the speculation of a separation between Kiko and Sharon. However, last night before the MMFF awards, Sharon showed her complete family, including her children and Kiko, who wholeheartedly supported her at the “MMFF Gabi ng Parangal” where her film “Family Of Two” with Alden Richards was one of the participants. Here, it can be seen how Kiko and the children supported her, contrary to the story of their separation.

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