Dominic Roque Called A Post on a Facebook Page a Fake News

A recent trend involves editing posts using the names of well-known celebrities, where they are edited to include comments as if they were made by the celebrities themselves, all to garner likes, shares, and followers for a particular page. This practice caught the attention and ire of Marian Rivera, as their images are being used to make it appear as if they are endorsing the posts.

Fake Post

Similar incidents have occurred amidst the controversy between Sara Lahbati and Annabelle Rama, leading to various issues due to the manipulation of their images.

Dominic Roque also fell victim to this phenomenon following his altercation with Bea Alonzo. Edited photos were circulated, suggesting Dominic made a statement posted by the “Philippines No.1 Page,” saying “Dominic Roque nag post sa x ng paalala sa mga boys na wag hahanap ng babae na dumedependi sa yaman” seemingly aimed at Bea Alonzo. Dominic Roque promptly labeled this as “Fake News,” emphasizing it in his caption: “Philippines No.1 Page FAKE NEWS!!!❌❌❌ FAKE NEWS!!!❌❌❌ FAKE NEWS!!!❌❌❌”

Such misleading posts are rampant today, highlighting the importance of being discerning when browsing Facebook pages and not readily believing everything is seen.

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