Edu Manzano “No Fly” on Cebu Pacific Until Pilot Against Leni Removed

Edu Manzano Wants Cebu Pacific Pilot Posting Fake News Against Leni Robredo Removed

EDU MANZANO – The veteran actor will not ride Cebu Pacific Airlines if the pilot posting a fake story against Leni Robredo is not removed.

Edu is disappointed in the actions of a Cebu Pacific pilot who would be remembered for posting derogatory remarks about outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo. It will be noted that an unknown Cebu Pacific pilot stated on Facebook that Robredo allegedly requested a priority landing, causing several aircraft to be delayed.

Edu Manzano Cebu Pacific

Manzano said in a tweet that he will not fly with the airlines until the pilot who made up the story against Robredo is reprimanded and fired. People, he claims, also need to know what the pilot’s current mental state is. He will never put his family’s safety in the hands of that pilot.

“I have to agree! What is his state of mind? I will definitely not fly #CebuPAC until they have addressed the issue,” he said

More than that you worry about his state of mind. Will never trust my family in his hands.” he added in a separate tweet.

Cebu Pacific, it should be noted, has previously apologized for the event. After making an unsubstantiated claim against Vice President Leni Robredo, a Cebu Pacific Air pilot is facing disciplinary action.

The pilot had previously chastised Robredo on Facebook, claiming that the vice president had caused aircraft delays at Ninoy Aquino International Airport after requesting that her flight be a priority. As vice president, Robredo is one of three people who have landing and takeoff priority.

“Since becoming aware of the social media post by one of our pilots in reference to a flight of Vice President Leni Robredo, I confirm that the pilot has made it clear to us that he had no basis for his claim and was purely speculative and careless on his part,” said Cebu Pacific Air Flight Operations Vice President Captain Sam Avila.

“Cebu Pacific has very strict social media policies covering all of its employees and such a post should not have been published. This is recognized by the said pilot himself. He is currently under disciplinary review in accordance with our Company rules and standards,” they added.

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