Heart Evangelista Wearing a Dior Songe Headband with Estimated Price at 36,000 Pesos

Recently, we had the opportunity to see both Jinkee Pacquiao and Heart Evangelista, both known for their fashion sense and expensive fashion accessories. We still remember Jinkee Pacquiao’s possession of Prada hair clips worth over 20,000 pesos, but now, we are captivated by a new fashion statement from Heart Evangelista.

Jinkee Heart

Heart’s career in the fashion industry is truly flourishing and continuously ascending, serving as proof that her name is shining brightly in other countries as a fashion model. One of the things that amazed us was her latest video uploaded on her Instagram, where she showcased prestigious DIOR fashion accessories. However, what truly caught our attention was her wearing of the DIOR SONGE HEADBAND, which is recognized to be worth almost 36,000 pesos based on an online shop we visited.

Dior Headband

Heart Evangelista is one of the well-known fashion icons in the country, and she continues to be an inspiration to those who love fashion. Her ability to carry expensive fashion items demonstrates her expertise in choosing outfits and accessories that are not only pleasing to the eye but also hold value in their price.

Heart Wearing Dior

Beyond her fashion sense, Heart Evangelista also serves as a role model when it comes to advancing her career in other countries. She showcases her talent and intelligence in the world of fashion, and this success is not limited to the Philippines but also extends to the international fashion scene.

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