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Heart Reveals Fight With Celebrity – “Hindi Ako Makatulog Sa Gabi”

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Heart Evangelista Reveals She Had Fight With Another Celebrity But Refused To Name Drop

HEART EVANGELISTA – Fashionista and Kapuso actress Heart Evangelista reveals that she had a fight with another celebrity.

In the world of Philippine Showbiz, it’s highly unlikely that celebrities would go in an all outfight against one another, that’s just bad PR. Instead, these fights, remain hidden from the public as to avoid excess drama.

This is what happened to Heart Evangelista. According to the fashion enthusiast, she had a run-in with a celebrity which she refused to name. According to her, if she dropped names, they would “attack once again”.

Heart Reveals Fight With Celebrity – "Hindi Ako Makatulog Sa Gabi"
Image from: Cosmo PH

Based on an article from PEP, the actress said:

I had. But, you know, honestly, like, with whoever I had a misunderstanding, miscommunication with, I’d rather not say anything.

However, she emphasized that the issue had long been settled and that she’s “Happy that it’s done”. She emphasized that during this feud, she would always be in her “defense mode”.

Heart continued saying she never wants to be in that situation again because she couldn’t sleep thinking about it. As per the article, she stated:

That’s why parang ayoko talaga ng may kaaway. Hindi ako makatulog sa gabi ng may kaaway o may misunderstanding. Hindi ko kaya

Meanwhile, back in 2011, an issue between Heart and fellow Kapuso actress Marian Rivera ignited. The issue began during taping the movie “Temptation Island in Ilocos Norte”. Was Marian the person Heart was talking about?

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