Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Imee Marcos Advice MiM Director Darryl Yap to be More Controlled

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Senator Imee Marcos Told Mim Director Darryl Yap to be More Controlled

DARRYL YAP- The controversial director of Maid In Malacañang was advised by Senator Imee Marcos to be more controlled against bashers.

The controversial director has been warned to limit his fights with his critics by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos’ sister. Yap revealed Marcos’ “sermon” to him in his post as a result of his outbursts at individuals who opposed his film.

Imee Marcos Darryl Yap

The senator asserts that Yap must maintain self-control if he wants other people to have a positive opinion of him. She emphasized that some of his followers may be wounded because people will truly interpret it as haughtiness.

“Darryl, please be more controlled, people will really take it as kayabangan kasi we succeeded na nga and here you are still making patol these people; manahin mo ang pagiging respectful ng mga anak ni Boss Vic; they can’t even tell you to adjust your script sometimes out of respect, sobra silang marespeto, our victory is enough to speak for itself, let the numbers do the talking. to Patol is human, to deadma is divine,” said Marcos.

Yap’s reaction, however, claimed that he was solely addressing the VIVA employee who had disparaged him and his film. Even in jest, he claimed that the aforementioned employee had endangered his life.

You may remember Yap’s tirades on Facebook against Anton Pelon, who is purportedly a Kakampink. Yap reportedly plans to pay the aforementioned employee a visit at the VIVA headquarters.

In another post, Yap thanked because the Kakampinks will get a bonus from VIVA due to the size of Maid in Malacañang’s earnings. At the moment, VIVA has not made a statement on whether they will take any action against the employee they said.

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